What types of digital services can my agency offer?

Abdul Rimaaz
5 min readMar 8, 2021

The digital marketing market is growing every day and with it, there are several possibilities for brands to be perceived and achieve their goals. Whether to attract customers, get engagement or achieve online positioning, digital services are becoming indispensable and in this scenario, working with inbound marketing can be the key to expanding the range of services offered by your agency and delivering even more results.

Whether you are an advertising agency looking to apply your services or digital marketing wanting to go further, it is important to be aware of the services that can be offered to your customers. Therefore, we mention in this post some of the digital services that your agency can offer.

Website / blog creation

It is essential for a brand to create a website, where it can expose its products and services, add important information and other information that it finds relevant. A good website, in addition to being well ranked in searches, also facilitates the user’s navigation and encourages a good shopping experience.

Regarding the blog, it is essential to attract targeted and free traffic to the site.

In it, your customer will be able to produce relevant content to your potential customers and positively affect conversions in the funnel at the top and middle of the funnel. A good blog is the key to a successful Abdul Rimaaz marketing strategy.

Content production

Producing content is another indispensable digital marketing service. In order to make the brand a reference in a subject, it is necessary to think about good guidelines and ensure quality.

Content is the medium for all marketing strategies, whether digital or not. Banners, institutional content, social media, blogs, rich materials, infographics, newsletter, everything is content.

Some companies have no arm for the production of content and seek alternatives such as agencies to ensure that texts are made and published with certain frequency.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

When offering content marketing services, don’t forget to remind your client how important optimization techniques are for ranking websites / blogs and that it will be possible to generate more hits by searching for keywords.

Branding Consulting

Create strategies and planning for brand conceptualization. The branding consultancy must offer more than taking care of the company’s visual identity. The goal is to make the brand achieve a unique position in the mind and heart of the consumer.

Brand tone definition

Every company, like a person, has a personality. This personality can define the company’s competitive advantage. It is important that the brand is able to express itself in an authentic way and create a connection with its personas through its distribution channels (website, blog, social media, etc.)

Your agency can assist in the process of building and implementing the brand’s tone of voice. To create an ideal tone of voice, it is necessary to acquire in-depth knowledge about the audience and also define the way the company positions itself in the market.

Definition of personas

Buyer personas are characters that faithfully represent the target audience of a business. It is to them that all marketing actions are directed; they serve as a guide for everything that is done in terms of creating offers, communication efforts and sales strategy.

Working with the definition of buyer personas must start from the premise that the research will result in the identification of the real customer and not the one idealized by the company.

Social media management

Marketing is directly present in social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, instagram, etc.), with that comes the opportunity to offer a service for monitoring and nutrition of these networks.

Exclusive content for social networks can be created, as well as campaigns and promotional actions. In addition to being a channel for the dissemination of content created on blogs.

Metrics analysis

Just as management work is important, analyzing the metrics and proving that the investments are bringing the expected results is essential for your client.

With the analysis of metrics it is possible to have a better control over future actions and to know the target audience better.

Offering this type of service can also help your agency to show the efficiency of the services offered to clients.

E-mail marketing

Sending e-mail marketing is still a direct marketing technique widely used by companies.

Your agency can offer a service of triggering e-mail marketing and creating mailing with the purpose of strengthening the relationship with customers, promotional notices, commemorative e-mails, promotion of products or services, invitations to events, incentive actions to update information. Customer data, campaigns to increase the registered customer base, among others.


Unlike email marketing, newslettlers are a good solution to strengthen the relationship with customers, without them receiving promotional emails all the time.

It is like a newsletter, that is, a fixed publication of the company for its customers.

Interactive Marketing

It consists of the creation of interactivities such as promotions, sweepstakes, contests, applications, among other different actions that can be worked according to the needs and profile of the company.

Creating landing pages

Creation of a page with the objective of converting leads that could become future business opportunities.

It is necessary to offer something in exchange for visitor data, such as: Ebooks, webinars, diagnostics or free tools.

Marketing automation with a focus on nutrition and lead qualification

Offer the possibility of nurturing leads through (authorized) emails with content related to the user’s interests. This helps to advance the sales funnel steps automatically.

In addition to getting a good lead base, it is essential to qualify them. When the number of leads increases a lot, it is possible to offer the customer this service so that they can identify which leads have a better profile when offering products or services.


Offer the creation and management of ads that appear directly on the results page.

This allows the brand to appear in the first search results and pay for the number of clicks or impressions.

Of course, to know what services your agency should offer, you need to assess the needs of each client. And, as they grow, you will be able to offer new services to more effectively achieve the desired goals.



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