Web Design — Why is it so important to the company’s website?

Abdul Rimaaz
3 min readMar 6, 2021


With the technological and digital evolution it became much easier to have a website for your company, business, service, products or for various purposes of commercial presentation. Today we have a range of possibilities from ready-made templates, platforms, CMS that allow you to have a website with simple or even a little more complex features with content manager, photos, videos and a basic management of your website.

This technology only tends to evolve and numerous tools will emerge for this purpose. But because it is important to have a professional service done by a web design or a company qualified in this segment.

We cite 3 essential points to be considered when hiring a web design professional to create the website of your company or business.

Visual identity of the website

A great differential of a website made with ready tools and templates is the ability to reach the desired visual identity and associated with rigor to your brand. A web design is prepared and enabled to customize, adjust and code your website in order to achieve more impactful and exclusive visual results. This is a point of great value for this service because ready-made sites often end up with the same visual aspect and a range of sites similar to yours appears.

In addition, a web design has the skills to work on graphic elements, typography, color schemes in a more coherent and creative way . Certainly this professional tends to add more value to your website and further strengthen your brand.

Not to mention the navigation and usability features of your site. It seems not but the permanence and user experience on your website is linked to the architecture in which your website was developed. A web design professional is prepared for construction in a technical way, attentive to the navigation elements, graphic layout and legibility of the visual elements of your website.

Qualified Maintenance — Go further!

Assuming that you have chosen to develop a website with pre-defined tools or templates, in this first moment your need will be met. Thinking ahead with the evolution and expansion of your business there will certainly be a need for site maintenance with new features and extra features to your site. This is the main issue when choosing ready-made tools or templates. You will hardly be able to achieve the necessary new features and the entire structure of your site will be compromised and will have to be redone. This is a great advantage of a website created by a Abdul Rimaaz web design professional , because the structure will be under your responsibility and it will be prepared for any type of adjustment or adaptation on your website.

SEO — optimizing your website for search engines

Professional and well-crafted SEO work goes far beyond the placement of titles, tags and other basic resources in the composition of your website. SEO is a widely used resource in planning and digital marketing strategies . A website developed with pre-defined templates will not give you the same freedom and potential to make use of all the techniques that can be used and applied in an SEO job. A website made by a web design professional can be designed and designed from the first moment that its entire structure was planned. With that, the freedom of automation and execution of SEO resources is totally feasible, without the need to restructure the site .



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