Making a Corporate Video: What Costs To Bear

Abdul Rimaaz
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Videos are an important tool to integrate into your business marketing plan. Here’s how much it can cost to make professional video content

Integrating a tool such as video content into the corporate marketing strategy is undoubtedly an excellent idea: it is a type of multimedia product with a strong appeal , which is characterized by an excellent ability to actively involve the public and which is one of the most effective advertising and communication tactics.

If you have decided to rely on videos to tell about your business , promote your profession or sponsor your products or services, you are certainly asking yourself a crucial question: how much does it cost to make an accurate and impactful corporate video?

Professional expert or do it yourself?

The difference between an amateur video and a professional content lies precisely in the latter term: only a true professional of the trade can create a video content made in a workmanlike manner , which respects the best videomaking and editing techniques, which offers quality optimal in terms of photography and storytelling, but above all that it really contributes to transmitting a defined , empathic and highly engaging corporate message .

Choosing the do-it-yourself route for the creation of a corporate video is risky: it certainly cannot be compared to a production performed by a professional filmmaker capable of supporting the company not only in the more technical part of the work but also from a point of creative view.

What to consider before proceeding?

Before even starting to ask for quotes for the creation of a corporate video, it is good to identify the guidelines that will define the entire production process. First, you’ll need to understand exactly the business goals that drive you to make video content. Would you like to focus on the creation of a corporate video that illustrates the history of your company and its values? Do you need to launch a product on an unexplored market? Would you like to attract leads and potential customers through emotional content?

It is also important to decide in advance which channels will be through which you want to convey the videos you will make, because this could affect various aspects including the format or type of script to focus on: it will be distributed on social networks, integrated on your site or broadcast at industry events? To influence the choice of the channel also comes into play the target to which you mainly address, which will be more interceptible on some platforms rather than others.

The choice of the budget that you consider appropriate to channel into the project is fundamental , which may depend on the capital you have available, but also on how much you think it is appropriate to invest based on the results you think you can achieve.

Corporate video: prices and variables

Once you have identified your objectives, strategy and budget, you can start asking for quotes from the professionals you think are most reliable. Which variables will affect the quotes you will receive? First of all, the type of equipment needed to build exactly the video you have in mind, both in terms of cameras or audio equipment, and in terms of editing and graphics software.

Second, the human factor. The experience and authority of the videomaker with whom you choose to collaborate can substantially change the price of the quote, but to make your product you may also need more than one partner : figures such as screenwriter, director, sound engineer, speaker or photography specialist may or may not be enclosed in the same person depending on the complexity of the project.

You may also need extras or particular locations to shoot the scenes you have in mind, factors that contribute to raising the budget together with the duration of the shoot : a short video presentation of the company could take a day of work to complete, but different it is for example the creation of a series of emotional videos to be recorded over several days or after some time.

A factor that comes into play in a preponderant way in the preparation of a quote is also the strategic support that the videomaker can or will have to give to your video content : elements such as the communication idea, storytelling or narration techniques that will be applied to the video. they could be decided by your internal marketing team, or be in the hands of the external creative, who will need to be properly rewarded for this crucial contribution.

In short, creating a corporate video of value and at the right price is possible but requires clear ideas and careful planning.



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