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Abdul Rimaaz
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The hospitality sector is dealing with the coronavirus emergency and the promotional sector is adapting. Starting with Big G which introduces the new Google Hotel Ads Pay Per Stay: a revolution in the field of online ads. Here’s what they are and how to exploit them.

Google Pay per Stay is the response of the Mountain View Colossus to support the promotion of the hospitality sector following the Covid-19 pandemic . This is a feature launched in May 2020 that allows accommodations to pay the commission to Google only if the guest actually stayed at the property.

Google Pay Per Stay: what is it?

Hotels and accommodations that use Google Hotel Ads have a new feature since May 2020 that allows them to pay for the advertising promotion ‘ on consumption ‘. In practice, the commission on the ad is billed by Google only if the guest has actually used the stay and has not canceled the reservation.

In addition, there is a “ free cancellation “ filter that will highlight refundable bookings, in case of cancellation by the user.

To access the program it is necessary that the structure has an internal Booking Engine compatible with Google Hotel Ads, in addition to other requirements that we will explore in the next paragraph.

Google Pay Per Stay how does it work?

Let’s see in detail what are the requirements that allow an accommodation facility to use the Google Pay Per Stay service:

It must be present in the Google Hotel ADS / Hotel Center platform .

It must have its own BE ( Booking Engine ) that supports the Hotel Ads functionality.

The advertising account must be approved by Google .

After Google approves your accommodation, you will need to create a commission- per-stay promotional campaign to integrate into your travel marketing plan . Here is the procedure:

Log into your Google Ads account

Click on “ Campaigns “ (left navigation bar) → “ Plus “ button → “ New campaign “

Select “ Create a campaign without a goal “

Choose the type of hotel campaign → “ Continue “

Configure the “ Campaign Settings “

Choose the commission for the offer

In the “ Pay for “ section, select “ Guest stay “

Click on “ Save and continue “

How much does Google Pay Per Stay cost?

The percentage commission to be paid to Google for the promotion service is established by the hotel, without any obligation. However, the commission affects the algorithm that conditions visibility in the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) as a parameter : it follows that the commission has an effect on the direct bookings of users.

Basically — in an auction-based system, in which the structure is in direct competition with OTAs ( Online Travel Agencies ) — the higher the commission for Google, the more visible the structure will be in the search results, the more possibilities for bookings. they will be.

Google Travel Pay Per Stay: how do cancellations work?

What happens in case of cancellation when using Google Pay per Stay? First of all, it must be emphasized that the monitoring of reservations and cancellations takes place by sending, at least once a month (by the 17th), a file named “ Reconciliation Report “. This is a CSV table that can be imported into Excel in which the reservations obtained with the service and any cancellations are recorded. In this way, Google will be able to analyze the data and deliver the invoice to be paid every 18th of the month , corresponding to the commission on the sum of the bookings concluded with the guest’s stay.

If Google does not believe that the report, uploaded on the Hotel Center platform or on the Reconciliation Reports of the Google Hotel ADS platform, is correct , it may request, with at least seven days’ notice, a review of the data or additional documents to verify its accuracy. If the documentation is not provided, or is otherwise deemed unsatisfactory, Google may suspend the ad serving of your campaign.

The benefits of Google Pay Per Stay

With the Google Pay Per Stay program, Big G enters into direct competition with giants such as or Expedia. It does so at a time when accommodation facilities need to rethink their strategies and implement innovative solutions. Sector studies show that investing in the SEO indexing of the website , as well as promoting campaigns for the best positioning in the SERP are the ways that will allow accommodation facilities to be competitive, once the contingent crisis in the travel sector has been overcome . Here are the benefits of Google Pay Per Stay that can help hotel managers and owners achieve this:

Greater visibility in the SERP and consequent increase in direct bookings through the hotel’s BE

More equal competition with OTAs

Possibility to choose the percentage of the commission

Payment of commissions to be paid only for actual stays

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