4 tips to boost your Google Ads campaign

Abdul Rimaaz
3 min readMar 9, 2021

Creating a Google Ads campaign is a great way to explore the full potential of sponsored links . Using these tools, you can attract the right audience to your website and generate more opportunities.

To achieve a really interesting return, it’s worth knowing how to boost your campaigns. Thus, it is feasible to obtain even more performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Next, discover 4 tips to boost your Google Ads campaigns and reach a new level!

1. Create an engaging and direct ad

When writing the ad that will be shown, it is essential to focus on persuading the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to write in an attractive way that really catches people’s attention. Despite the limited space, it is possible to create good pieces — just use the right techniques.

Adopting copywriting, for example, arouses different sensations, such as curiosity, interest or need. Before creating the campaign, make some versions of the text and improve it until you get to the best alternative.

Remember that the intention should be to present your offer directly, but still differently. Make the most of the space and even use the extensions to have extra resources for production.

2. Don’t forget negative keywords

Sometimes, a Google Ads campaign seems to be inefficient not because of the text, the link or other settings. In some situations, it has simply been shown to the wrong audience. To work around this problem, the use of negative keywords is a possibility.

Once you’ve defined what your preferred display terms are, select which ones to delete the ad for a user. Thus, you do not run the risk of appearing to those who have no interest and improve the targeting of resources, in search of conversions .

3. Invest in dynamic Google Ads

Until recently, it was necessary to create campaigns with several ads and individually test the performance of each one. Thus, it was possible to identify the appropriate characteristics to enhance the results. Now, you can do this automatically, with dynamic ads.

They allow you to create some versions, which are selected by Google itself according to the characteristics of the user and the search. Thus, it is possible to deliver a more relevant offer, without having to manage multiple options from the same ad.

4. Count on the support of a specialized agency

To obtain all the advantages of this proposal, it is also interesting to have the support of a team specialized in the subject. Hiring a performance agency , therefore, enhances your results.

When choosing the company, it is necessary to consider some factors, such as the team’s knowledge of the subject and the tools available. Having access to exclusive elements, such as a monitoring platform, makes the experience even better and increases the chances of success.

Optimizing the Google Ads campaign is possible with a few simple definitions and using the right resources. To be sure of achieving maximum performance, take the opportunity to hire an Abdul Rimaaz agency specialized in the subject.

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