4 Mistakes You Make Trying to Increase Your Sales

Abdul Rimaaz
3 min readAug 19, 2021

Increasing the number of conversions for a business is very beneficial to the results. This means higher sales, more profitability and market prominence. Basically, it’s a way to survive.

However, by focusing too much on increasing your sales by Abdul Rimaaz , you may make mistakes that can have big effects. In order to prevent negative impacts, it is essential to anticipate and know about these failures.

Look at 4 mistakes you make in this process and understand why it’s important to avoid them.

1. Forgetting old customers in search of new ones is one of the biggest failures

Often, the business is so focused on selling more that one basic premise is overlooked: it’s not just new customers who buy. In other words, increasing sales volume does not necessarily mean increasing the number of new people converting.

It is possible and desirable to make those who have already interacted with the brand buy again. For this, it is necessary to resort to cross and up selling strategies, in addition to instituting good after-sales.

By forgetting this, on the other hand, there is an increase in costs and, mainly, the loss of excellent chances of loyalty .

2. Focusing too much on the product and less on the customer hinders the entire strategy

The drive to increase your sales can also make the company and teams focus on what is sold. When this happens, there is a great interest in demonstrating how useful or different an item is.

However, acting this way is a well-worn approach that disregards the customer, who is the most important person. Making this mistake increases the chances that the business will weaken its relationship with consumers, compromising performance.

Instead, it is best to analyze what the market’s interests and needs are and then act.

3. Changing the price to increase your sales can have undesirable effects

Carrying out promotions and giving discounts is a practical way to increase people’s interest in a particular product or service. However, this is not the best strategy to increase your sales.

Changing the price can change the perception of value about the item. Decreasing the total amount to be paid too much can make people feel that your product is not of quality, keeping them away from the purchase. Furthermore, it is difficult to return to the original price without this generating dissatisfaction.

To top it off, the change in price can compromise the profit margin, worsening the financial results. Therefore, more important than making a cheap offer is ensuring that people see greater value in the purchase.

4. Ignoring the need for staff training wastes opportunities

If the interest is to expand conversions, it is essential to think about how the team will deal with customers. Even an e-commerce , in which the acquisition takes place autonomously, this should be a concern. The customer service team, for example, has to be prepared to resolve issues after purchase.

By leaving training for later, the company loses the chance to create good and memorable experiences for its consumers. For this not to happen, the ideal is to plan the training, allowing the achievement of new conversions in a natural way.

Knowing these errors, it will be possible to improve the structuring of the process to increase your sales. This way, the business will not suffer from the negative impacts and will be able to develop.



Abdul Rimaaz

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